Storage Tanks

tank lining trieste   Tank Lining in Trieste, Italy

Remove coating and paint fast and clean with induction thechnology. Harmless for operators and nature. Protect the environment!

hard ceramic coating removal   Removal of Belzona 1391 Hard Ceramic Coating

Kuurman removes Belzona 1391 hard ceramic coating average thickness 20-30 mm (800 – 1200 mils) within seconds. The coating is hard to remove with current treatments and cost a lot a energie and money. Kuurman knows a way to remove this difficult and thick coating. Kuurman way is FAST, LOCALIZED, CLEAN and SAFE for ENVIRONMENT!

coating removal oman   Coating Removal on a Crude Oil Storage Tank of PDO, Oman

Quick removal of difficult and thick coating GRE with induction heat from the induction disbonder of RPR Technolgies.

railroad tank rubber lining removal   Stripping Exterior and Interior Rubber Lining off Railroad Tank Wagon

4 mm rubber is removed from this railroad tank wagon at high speed.