induction disbonder   RPR Technologies Induction Disbonder

Stripping 6-8 mm 3LPE system at a rate of 22 m2/h at Eupec concrete coating plant in Sassnitz, Germany.

inner coating removal
  Removal of Inner Coating Fast

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induction disbonder on pipe
  Induction Disbonder on Pipe with Coaltar Coating

Quick and easy removal of coaltar coating RPR Technologies induction heating equipment.

induction stripping
  Induction Stripping

Induction stripping can be used to quickly remove coatings such as fiberglass liners, coal tar epoxy, chartek fireproofing and other coatings from steel surfaces. Induction stripping is quiet and does not create any secondary waste.

ebonite disbonded
  Ebonite Disbonded From Interior of Pipe

Hard rubber is disbonded with induction heating, then it is chiseled away easily.