clean and easy   Coatings removal, Clean and Easy with RPR Technologies

Now showing the cleanest and fastest way to remove paint from steel surfaces. No dust, no noise!

frankfurt germany   Removing Fire Protective Coating on Building, Frankfurt Germany

Effectively and without dust and noise removes the passive fire protection coating from the wall with the RPR Technologies Induction Disbonder machine.

1000 microns   Removing 1000 Microns of Epoxy Coating

The thick epoxy coating is removed without dust and noise from wall.


Minidisbonder, Paint and Coatings Removal with Induction Technology

Our newest ligth weight induction tool to easily remove coated steel strucures.

removing coating very fast


RPR Induction Disbonder Removing Coating Quickly on Steel Construction

Two operators working at good pace removing thick old coating from steel construction using our novel induction technology.

removing paint eiffel tower

  Stripping century Old Paint on the Eiffel Tower, Paris

Trial to test the feasability of using the RPR Induction Disbonder when refurbishing the Eiffel Tower.

induction for coating removal

  Induction for Coatings Removal, Buildings

The RPR Induction machine is specially designed to cleanly, safely and quickly remove thick and difficult coatings from steel surfaces.